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Ricotta festival Vizzini

2018 Calendar of Events for Southeast Sicily
(Please verify all dates before you plan your visit)

December 2016

Presepe Vivente - Living Nativity Scene - Giarratana, Ragusa Ibla, Scicli, Palazzolo, Chiaramonte Gulfi and many other towns in the area.

Check for Presepe dates from late December to early January for each city

Also many other scenes of Sicilian life from hundreds of years ago. A fascinating look back in history reenacted before your very eyes. Stroll through the streets of old Giarratana and let your imagination take you back to a bygone era.

Nearly all of the cities in the area such as Ragusa Ibla, Scicli, Palazzolo, Chiaramonte Gulfi and many others have similar events, all well worth viewing.

Presepe Vivente 1
Presepe Vivente 2

Giarratana Presepe - 26th Annual

December 26th, 28th, January 1st and 6th

Long considered one of the finest Presepe Vivente in Southeastern Sicily.  A beautiful setting in the oldest part of the city, ending on the site of the old castle grounds.

Giarratana Presepe No. 26
The Piazza in Giarratana

Carnival in Acireale

February 18, 19, 23, 24, 25, 26, 28

With the Carnival dating back to the 1600’s this is truly a spectacle that has to been seen.

For the complete schedule,  history and photo gallery please visit their website at:

Floats at Carnival Acireale
Carnival Acireale Sicily

Carnival in Chiaramonte Gulfi

12th February to 17th February

Parade of floats, games for kids of all ages, cooking demonstrations with award winning chefs - not to be missed! Chiaramonte Gulfi is known for its fantastic Ragusano style sausage. It is a chunky pork sausage with spicy hot peppers and fennel. The sausage festival is held during the carnival period on Monday evening in Piazza Duomo. Sausage, sandwiches, local wine, and afterwards dancing through the night in the Piazza.

Carnival Chiaramonte Gulfi Sicily
Sausages in Chiaramonte Gulfi

Carnival in Palazzolo Acreide

12th February to 17th of February

One of the oldest carnivals in Sicily, dating back to the medieval period. Today it is a huge event in Palazzolo with fantastic and elaborate masks and wild music!  A week of food, fun and floats. It is usually combined with the sausage festival. Enjoy plates of "cavatieddi" pasta with pork sauce! Many other events and a large selection of diverse foods.


Carnival in Palazzolo Acreide Sicily
Carnival in Palazzolo Acreide Sicily 2

Carnival in Sciacca

February 14th - 17th - dates not confirmed

The week (Thursday) before the start of Lent/ In Sciacca one of the most famous, and largest festivals of the year. The CARNIVAL OF SCIACCA will amaze you with fantastic parade of floats, food and wine, sausages, pastas, carts, ceramics and masked groups all parading through the historical center of Sciacca. Folk groups, dancing and singing will delight everyone! The Carnevale kicks off with the arrival of The King of Carnevale, Peppe Napa, coming in by sea. The excitement grabs the entire city and the celebration is officially in full swing! Sciacca is also only a few miles drive to the Valley of the Temples

For more information see

Photos by

Carnival in Sciacca Sicily 1
Carnival in Sciacca Sicily 2

Artichoke Festival - Niscemi

19th to 21st March - dates not confirmed

Tasting of a variety of artichoke foods, arts, music, shows and crafts.

Artichoke Festival Niscemi
Artichokes from Sicily

Easter Sunday (Pasqua) - Nearly Every Village

April 16 - Easter Sunday or Pasqua

Nearly every village and city has a large festival to celebrate Easter Sunday. Pick your favorite city or try someplace new for your Easter celebration and you won't be disappointed.

Easter celebration in Pozzallo Sicily
Easter Celebrations

Ricotta Festival - Vizzini, Sicily

25th April - St. Mark's Day and Liberation Day coincide. (verify exact date)

Folklore, gastronomy and entertainment. See ricotta made the old fashioned way in giant copper kettles and sample all kinds of Sicilian delicacies. Plan on spending the entire day as this is such a fun and lively festival. Bring your appetite!

Ricotta Festival Vizzini Sicily 1
Ricotta Festival Vizzini Sicily 2

Festival of Cavatieddi (pasta) - Monterosso Almo, Sicily

16th April - 3rd Sat. after Easter (verify date)

Located in the Piazza Sant'Antonio.

The festival highlights this special shape of pasta with a delicious pork sauce made by the local housewives, tantalizing desserts such as cannoli and crispelle and flowing local red wine.

Just a half an hour drive from Ragusa, this hilltop village is delightful.

Festival of Cavatieddi Monterosso Almo Sicily 1
Festival of Cavatieddi Monterosso Almo Sicily 2

Sagra del Pecorino pepato (Festival of peppered Pecorino)

Come taste the wonderful cheeses, and explore the crafts and culture of this extraordinary area.

Sagra del Pecorino pepato
Sagra del Pecorino pepato 2

Salone del Sapore (Hall of Tastes) - Catania

12th to 15th April

Held at Agri food market in Catania. A large food fair featuring original, authentic foods, olive oils, wines and other items for the kitchen and chef, all made in Italy.

local wines of Sicily
ricotta in sicily

Tomato Festival in Sampieri

30th April to 4th May - verify dates

Lovely seaside village, close to Scicli. Taste the age old recipes and marinades.


Tomato festival in Sampieri 1
Tomato festival in Sampieri 2

Teatro Greco of Siracusa

May and June - Check for dates of plays.

The Greek Theatre of Syracuse was built in the 5th century BC, in the city of Syracuse in eastern Sicily. It was reconstructed by Hieron I in the 3rd century BC, and that setup is essentially preserved to the current day. (Wikipedia)

Don't miss seeing one of the spectacular plays set in this wonderfully preserved, ancient theatre.

Teatro Greco of Siracusa 1
Teatro Greco of Siracusa 2

Infiorata di Noto - Noto, Sicily

12th to 14th May - 3rd weekend in May

Considered on of the most beautiful events on the whole island, it began more than 26 years ago by a group of artists from Genzano. All of the scenes are actually made from flower petals.

Infiorata di Noto - Noto, Sicily 1
Noto Sicily

Classical Theater Festival of Youth - Greek Theatre, Palazzolo Acreide, Sicily

Held during the 2nd half of May

Held in the ancient Greek theater above Palazzolo Acreide.

Performed by youth of the INDA, (the Institute of National Antique Drama)

For more information:

Greek Theatre Palazzolo Acreide, Sicily
Greek Theatre Palazzolo Acreide, Sicily 1

Festa di San Giorgio - Ragusa Ibla, Sicily

31st May and several days before - check for local activites.

(Feast of San Giorgio)

The Festival of San Giorgio in Ragusa Ibla is a week long celebration highlighting musical concerts with well know artists, fireworks and a procession with the statue of San Giorgio being carried on the shoulders of many followers. It culminates with the last 3 days of festivities and huge fireworks displays.

San Giorgio Church Ragusa Ibla 1
Festa di San Giorgio - Ragusa Ibla, Sicily 2

A Tutto Volume- Libri in Festa - A Book Festival, Ragusa Ibla

5th to 7th June - Ragusa, Ibla

A weekend of extraordinary writers in the magic of Ragusa Ibla!

Ragusa Ibla Sicily Libri in Festa
Libri in Festa Ragusa Ibla Sicily

Granita Festival

2nd to 4th June - Acireale, Sicily - verify dates

The Granita Festival to start the summer off on a sweet and refreshing note. Experience granita at is very best. With many flavours to chose from there is one for every taste.

granita festival Acireale Sicily 1
granita festival Acireale Sicily 2

Fiera Della Contea (County Fair and Trade show)

June 7th to 15th - Modica, Sicily - Verify dates.

Attracting more than 50,000 visitors a year, the 21th edition of the Fiera Della Contea or County Fair 2017 will be held again this year on the Contrada Caitina. One of the largest events of the year, it features cooking seminars, tastings, products for the kitchen and many organic foods to choose from. There are also planned many different entertainment shows which will be announced shortly. Check back for actual dates.

Fiera Della Contea Modica Sicily 1
Fiera Della Contea Modica Sicily 2

Taormina Film Festival - Taormina, Sicily

14th to 21st June - dates not certain, please verify

A week long celebration of new films presented in the historic and picturesque town of Taormina, Sicily. One of the premiere movie festivals each year. Come and enjoy this mountaintop city and rub elbows with the stars.

Taormina film festival Sicily 1
greek theatre Taormina Sicily

Feast of San Paolo - Palazzolo Acreide

26th to 28th June - verify dates

In Palazzolo Acreide, in the province of Siracusa, during the last week of June you will fine the fabulous “Feast of San Paolo”. The village has been celebrating San Paolo since the 1600’s. St. Paul, is considered by the farming community the saint of good harvests and also the healer of snake bites, scorpion bites and tarantula bites.

The feast begins with the unveiling of the statue on the first day. The next day the villagers make their offerings of lavender and bread decorated with the shapes of snakes, which are then blessed and auctioned in the church yard. After mass the Saint is then carried out on the shoulders of many men amidst blazing fireworks, confetti and cheers from all of the people.

As he is carried through the streets, it is tradition to hand up naked babies as a sign of protection for having received grace.

Palazzolo is a UNESCO World Heritage site, with awe-inspiring Baroque architecture, spectacular churches and mouth watering local food.

feast of san paolo, palazzolo acreide, Sicily
feast of san paolo, palazzolo acreide, Sicily 2

Please Note: While every effort has been made to provide the correct dates and locations of events and sights in this website, the authors assume no liability as to the accuracy of the dates or locations contained in this website. Please verify all dates and locations prior to planning your visit.

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